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Perfectly Relaxing....

Hello Sujith.

I wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed the Ayurvedic massage I received on Monday evening. The setting on Dora was perfectly relaxing,like a warm cocoon away from the world and the movement of the boatreally helped to lull away my tension and help me relax. The massageitself was perfect - just the right pressure and movements to berelaxing, but not so much that I felt sore afterwards, like I have withsome other deep tissue massages.I also noticed a BIG difference in my circulation, almost immediatelyafterwards. I lost about 20 kilos last year, and ever since then, I'vebeen almost continuously cold, but my skin was actually hot to the touchafter your massage. Three days later, I'm still noticing my improvedcirculation, and friends have commented on how much healthier I lookthis week (sod sweating it out in the gym, I'll just come to you!). Theoils smelled wonderful afterwards, and my skin has reacted favourably tothe lovely treatment it received!Thanks again, and I shall be booking in again soon.cheers,


Feeling calm and refreshed !!

Hi Sujith

Just to say thank you for the very relaxing massage I had on your lovely boat last week.
The combination of a very skilled massage from you, cosy treatment room on a beautiful boat, scented oils and incense and soothing music provided an energising experience that I shall look forward to repeating very soon! As well as feeling calm and refreshed, my skin felt deeply cleansed and glowing. Who needs botox?! ?
It's not easy to find a massage treatment that ticks every box but yours absolutely does. I have no doubt that as word spreads you will soon have to turn people away!

All Best,
It was very beneficial....

Hello Sujith.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the massage.It was very beneficial to getting back on my feet, as I was feeling so unwell. It helped my stomach a lot, and I was telling my homeopath the otherday that although my stomach was so tender that I couldn't even touch it for some reason it felt perfectly fine being treated by you. I look forward to scheduling another session.
Kind Regards,


Enjoyed the Head and Shoulder Massage

Hi Sujith,

I want to let you know how much I enjoyed the head and shoulder massage you gave me the other day.Also, the traditional Sri Lankan music was a treat. I look forward to more!
Be Well,


Professional and therapeutic service

Good day to you Sujith,

This is just a brief email to thank you for the recent massage treatment which has been a considerable assistance to my well being. It is unfortunate I am leaving the city and miss out on further treatments, however I will not hesitate to recommend your professional and therapeutic service to others.

Good luck with your business venture in London. I am sure your quality of service will yield you good results. Thanks again.

Best Wishes

Hugh Callacher

Ayurvedic Massage on a Boat!!!

Dear Suj,

Ayurvedic Massage

Following a truly beneficial & enjoyable massage I would like to offer a few words of thank you. The benefits noted I immediately booked a follow-up session, as you know, to which I very much look forward.
Having lived for seven years in your home country of Sri Lanka, & spent a fair amount of time in Southern India too, I have experienced a number of Ayurvedic massages over the years. Indeed I have additionally pursued ten day courses of Ayurvedic treatment in India on a couple of occasions, so feel I am in a position to comment upon the therapy offered.
I was impressed by your approach & by the benefit I felt from the treatment session. The therapy room environment worked well, truly relaxing &, as a client, I felt very cared for throughout. I look forward to returning for my second massage.
With kind regards,


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